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January 06, 2010


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I have no idea who your guests may be, especially the long line! But your pristine snow is beautiful. I also enjoyed your previous post on birds. I found you through Blotanical. Welcome! i hope you enjoy this gardening group as much as I have. I'm in Alabama, and we rarely get snow, though a little is predicted for today. A belated Happy new Year!

leavesnbloom Scotland

You should see the snow once a few ducks have been walking around - if I had viewed it from my window I would never have had a clue who had made such a mess - until I went out and saw those webbed tracks.

Not sure at all what your mystery tracks are.


How fun is that? You get to see proof they were there -- proof that is not destroyed garden produce, I should say. :)

Looks like you definitely have a bunny to me. I can't think what the long line would be. A bird dragging a wing? A snake that came out of hibernation too early? But no, the snake would make waves, and the bird's path would be irregular.

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