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December 15, 2009


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Vernice Yehl

Although you lost $25, you're still a winner. Cleaning your gutters will save you money in a long run. And oh, your home gets another lifetime to survive. Surely, there's no need to sigh my friend! You and your home won, by TKO! :)

Anthony Blommel

Yeah I agree, you should always keep the gutters clean. I saw this simple but ingenious solution of putting mesh wire on the gutters to keep the leaves out. It's quite effective and it works. But of course, you still have to clean the mesh itself.

Rodney Orton

Keep your gutter clean, my man. Clean gutters keep the water from accumulating and leaking on the roof. As for the leaves, it's a good idea to turn them into compost rather than throwing them away. You can actually use a plastic bucket as an improvised compost pit.


I have a compost bin and nightcrawlers, I never thought about the compost on the gutters. If I did I would have used it on my vegetable garden. Unfortunately, it will not happen anymore, I replaced my worn out gutters with Easy Flow guttering system. It has leaf covers that prevents debris and leaves from accumulating on the gutter.

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