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October 27, 2009


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I enjoy eating something good for me, but I needs me some Twinkies on occasion.

I use what I call the "neutral-day" method to keep things from getting out of hand. Here was my day today:

- Whole wheat bagel for breakfast (good) with full fat cream cheese - and lots of it (bad)
- Organic banana as mid-morning snack (good)
- Leftover General Tso's for lunch (VERY bad), followed by choc chip cookies for dessert (I'm all-in at this point anyway, so lunch is a MEGA-BAD)
- Organic yogurt and fresh strawberries for afternoon snack (good)
- Hand-picked apple in car on way home (good)
- Unknown origin chicken for supper with carrots and mashed potatoes (neutral)
- Ice cream with hot fudge for dessert (bad)

When GOOD - BAD > 0, I'm content. Today was a pretty neutral day, so success!

I'm a little peckish right now, so I may go grab an organic brown rice cake dipped in pomegranate juice and sprinkled with Metamucil (with added calcium) ;)


I so agree, Lisa - both extremes are off-putting, there has to be a middle way. After all, "Hippy Happy Joy Bars" aren't any better than "Anti-Inflammatory Bars!"


I'm what I would call a "loose" member of the health culture and while sometimes it's "unfun" sounding, I've learned that when we try to make it seemingly more fun, our already sketchy stereotype moves father toward the "bonkers" end. How can we find a way to meet in the middle?

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