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June 16, 2009


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I've made pesto from our basil and a goat cheese salad dressing with our parsley and thyme. We have a garlic bulb that sprouted in the cabinet and so we planted it and it seems to be growing, but I know NOTHING about any advice anyone may have would be GREAT. Otherwise, we have several teeny tiny peppers in red and green, growing on plants that seem way too small to be of any help through their development process. Tomatoes! I'm impressed...but all we have so far are some flowers and beautifully growing plants. But none upsidedown as my youngest son wanted to do (infomercials on TV are not good for 4 year olds...). Anyone ever try that?


Mmmm. Peas.

We've eaten some spinach and radishes so far. We have some little tomoatoes and the beets are coming along nicely. Everything else has a ways to go, but it's all growing!

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