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March 23, 2009


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Can i make a laye and way after tue fact suggestion?
-Try lining the planters with lightweight weed mat or coconut husk. Line them like you would, a baking tray.
-Then cut slits where ever you want your seedlings to go.
-Push your seedlings through the slits. I usually layer mine from bottom to top and making my way around the bowl and stack'em on top of one another keeping the roots all intact just how they pop out of the container.
-fill only the spaces with soil.
-repeat and then stick together to form sphere. Voila! Lightweight lettuce balls

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We did the lettuce ball. We used a 2x4 by 7.5ft board with a sturdy 15" hanging basket hook at the top. The 2x4 was secured to an existing 4x4 on our grill prep station. It DOES get heavy when wet, the 2x4 is bowing a little. So we've added a hook on the other side and we're going to put a regular basket on that side to counterweight it. It should help. The ball looks awesome now with multicolor lettuce! Ready for harvest!

Brandi Shaw

I had the same problem! I didn't notice how heavy it was until AFTER I already put the seedlings in. My husband secured a shepherd's hook to one of our fence posts and that is working fine so far. I'll probably wake up one morning with a bent shepherd's hook and a salad ball on the ground, haha.

Good luck!


Find a stud and use a BIG anchor and screw-in hook?

Or maybe take the chains apart where they join at the top and hang each one on it's own hook with anchors.

Those are just the first things to come to mind.

A search of Organic Gardening's website and a quick Google search yield no answers to one burning question though...

How the heck is this thing supposed to work????

Anyway, good luck! :)


I found this website which may offer a hook to take the weight of your salad ball...but I also had really good luck with ideas from searching "plant hooks" in Google and going Target online. They have hanging plant "trees" (holds four balls), plus large white brackets that might be better than normal screw in brass plant hooks. Hope this helps!


what's the diameter of the baskets? is smaller an option in order to keep the hanging porch basket idea open?

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