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February 10, 2009


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Thanks, John - great question, and you cracked me up in the process of asking it! Stay tuned for a post with some initial thoughts....

Yours in tofu (not!),


Thanks, Holly. Very informative. I've been enjoying your ovireporting series.

Along those lines, we buy Eggland's Best. Aside from the fact that they are packaged in styrofoam boxes (you just can't win!) I feel that we are at least doing better than average by getting our eggs from chickens that don't eat processed cow remains.

It's part of our often subconscious effort to "do better" without going to "extreme" measures.

So here's a question I for you in the form of an experiment: What can the average Joe do (when he's not plumbing or stumping for the Republican party) to make easy changes without resorting to "extreme" measures like joining a farm co-op or swearing off food not grown in his/her own state? In other words, take a typical shopping list and "green it up" without going so far as to claim that tofu with cottage cheese and salsa is a legitimate substitute for chicken parmesan.

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