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February 04, 2009


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abercrombie madrid

Acabo de empezar un proyecto de jardinería de la comunidad de nuestra iglesia. Yo estaba un poco decepcionado de hoy cuando sólo dos personas se presentaron en el jardín, pero después de leer esto, tengo una mejor perspectiva sobre cómo abordar este proyecto.

irrigation systems

i agree with howard that mr eseban has done a miracle. his gardens have proved to be very useful as they have become a community center, summer camp, and urban food oasis, is no exception.

Jason Fowler

This story confirms what I feel is an emerging move of GOD in the earth: Christian communities returning to the earth to grow food sustainably together as stewardship, mission, hospitality, discipleship, activism, community building...

We call it 'Joseph's Gardens' and are trying to launch some kind of resource project (through Sustainable Traditions) to help Christian communities/churches grow organic gardens. It's only in dreaming phase so far but, like I said, I feel it's something GOD is doing all over.

Thank you for this story!!


This is just awesome,awesome,awesome. God surely brought me here tonight. I just started a community gardening project for our church. I was kind of disappointed today when only 2 people showed up at the garden, but after reading this I have a better perspective on how to approach this project. You have given me renewed hope and I'm so glad I found this article!

howard owens

truly ,mr eseban is a miricle worker.the most important base of any economy is agriculture .mr esteban has done well to remind us of this importance.

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