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February 19, 2009


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I go with number 4 but normally we have vegetables twice a week.


Thanks for responding to my comment. On the plus side, I think we're doing all of these. Here are a few tidbits on each of the ones we're doing.

1) Thanks to a certain holiday gift-giving tradition, we are eating home-popped popcorn on an daily basis. Also, regarding margarine, my mother-in-law says she'd rather eat "dirty underwear." She's a big fan of butter.

2) Kath does a great job of ensuring that we have a balanced meal with protein, starch and veggie every night. And only milk or water to drink.

3) I actually DO buy organic bananas, but more because of the effect the pesticides have on the growers than on me. The jury may still be out on the science, but it doesn't cost me all that much and it makes me feel better about the impact of my non-local fruit purchase.

4) I do go veg at least once a week, more by chance than by planning. It's actually easier than it sounds.

5) Me + sugar + caffeine = Hammy from Over the Hedge, so it is not difficult to say away from soda.

6) We only get the plastic bags when we run low on small trash can liners :-)

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