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January 16, 2009


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Ha, what a typo! Love it when that happens. Gardeners are a little "loco" I guess....


just wonderint if you meant "locavore"? but i love "loco-vore" too.


Excellent idea! I'm excited to watch it evolve and would love to see the movement grow.

Regarding a name, I think you have already offered two excellent options:

"Faith-based farming" - which you use in the very blog post upon which I am commenting - captures the essence of the idea and has a contemporary and familiar ring to it.

"God in the Garden" - your title for the article that served as the genesis (pun intended) of this idea - has great soundbite potential.

Or you could use both. I can already see you on the O'Reilly Factor:
"Faith-based farming, or 'God in the Garden' as it is popularly known, is sweeping the country. We're talking via satellite with Holly Rossi, who wrote a 2010 best-seller about the trend..."

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