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January 20, 2009


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I read labels and simply put it back on the shelf if it contains HFCS or partially hydrogenated fats. I did give up my favorite soft drink (am totally unwilling to drink artificial sweeteners)and was suprised at how little I care about it now that I have changed my habits.

It was totally worth it though, because I lost almost 50 pounds by avoiding these products along with any product for which the ingredient list reads too much like a chemistry experiment. In the days I was consuming HFCS products, it was extremely hard to lose weight. Now it's easy to keep it off, even though I do eat some sweets made with regular sugar.

We metabolize HFCS differently than sugar. If I understand correctly, both are a molecule of fructose and glucose, but the HFCS breaks apart faster in your body and causes your levels of ghrelin to rise (hormone that increases appetite) and leptin (hormone that tells you that you're full) to fall. I was shocked at the difference it made when I gave up HFCS.

I am a little miffed that I can't eat Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia anymore since they started putting HFCS in it, but if enough of us don't eat it, perhaps the food companies will start using real less-processed food as ingredients.


You're absolutely right, Maxine - of course soda isn't remotely the only food that contains HFCS, everything from cereal to bread to cookies to cough syrup has it. The Accidental Hedonist put together this list of products:

Thanks for your comment, love your blog!


You're post fails to mention that HFCS is in more than just cokes; it's hard to find anything on a grocery shelf that doesn't contain the nastiness, unless it's organic. Because even though the corn syrup lobby was able to get it labeled "natural" they haven't so far been able to get it labeled organic.
When everything you eat contains HFCS, there is no such thing as "moderation". I talked about this back in September when I first saw the commercials.

PS - love the idea of your new blog, came over from Tiny Choices


I try to avoid HFCS. I do almost all of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods, which makes it a lot easier - there are far fewer products there which contain it. It is in our ketchup - the family mutinies when I purchase anything but Heinz. When I have to shop at a "regular" grocery store, I don't stress too much if I can't find the product I want without HFCS, because the bulk of our diet is unprocessed fresh foods, which by definition don't have HFCS.

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